Gold US$1,959.81
Silver US$23.39
Platinum US$987.00
Palladium US$1,476.73

About Us

Boton Group Limited was stablished in 2001. We provide professional physical precious metals trading service for clients all over the world. We are offering a range of products including jewellery, curio and precious metals. To further our business, we have established a factory. We are providing experienced specialist who make molten gold. It offers valued-added service for clients.

Our bars come from well-known international refineries. They have refined precious metals since 1843, more than 100 years of history. ISO9001 certification for each piece of the quality of the goods to the guest absolute confidence.

We are very aware of the guests concerned about the product, so we only with the reputable manufacturers. European products have long been to give us the assurance of confidence, and our boss from Switzerland to Hong Kong, have been committed to the honest and honest work. So we guarantee that our products absolutely repurchase.

Our bars are 99.9%. This is the international market standard. Each bar has 999 sterling logo, the manufacturer name, weight and independent number. In this way, we clearly know the whereabouts of each bar.

Our Company is located at Unit A, 9 / F, Chasegold Tower, 100-102 Ma Tau Wai Road, Hung Hom, Hong Kong. Our office hours are from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. We are welcome guests to visit our company.